How Democrats Are Accidentally Helping The Koch Brothers

I find that bundling anything is suspect and yields unforeseen consequences in the future in anything, but especially in lawmaking. If I could have my druthers; they would vote on bills that are specific to the subject without being made part of a package prior to the vote; once each bill has been voted on and passed, that is when I could see them being bundled together on their way off to the next step in the process. In my view bundling just allows for some sneaky provisions or loopholes to be inserted and usually those are simply little “gifts” to those special interest groups who always benefit the most. Why can’t the financial sector just accept that transparency and regulations are not barriers to profits, but are safety measures to protect the overall healthy of that industry. not only for the overall economy itself, but also for those who work in the finance industry itself. It isn’t that difficult to understand. This is the problem with greed; it blinds the person to the dangers of risky behavior, greed is also hard to control; with every cent, greed becomes more powerful until it controls the person. We have very specific examples to choose from; the Great Recession when Wall Street got carried away with the mortgage frenzy, there was Enron and the Savings and Loan debacle. Financial regulation is a good thing as much for them as it is for us.
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