So Who’s The Guy Who Just Beat Eric Cantor? Meet Dave Brat

The moment that I saw Ayn Rand and Christian, I had chills and not the good kind. Realistically you cannot worship both, it is either one or the other because they are direct opposites. The chills came from the fact that he is being paid to teach Ayn Randian economics to the next generation while trying to convince them that her philosophy is both moral and ethical in nature. I am hoping that the good people of Virginia will not vote him into office because his mindset is completely anti-middle class, anti- working class and just plain unkind. He campaigned against Cantor’s allegiance to Wall Street and on that note Brat was correct, but following Ayn Rand’s narrative as his economic playbook, he will be following Wall Street’s directives as well before you know it. We definitely do not need more of Ayn Rand in our political and economic discourse; we already have a Paul Ryan for that and he hasn’t been doing the American people any favors with his draconian budgets.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I’m reading a book right now about modern libertarian history. Fascinating read! What stood out to me last night was that even some libertarians did not care for Rand because she was so authoritarian (personally, that is).

    1. She certainly was a character. Former Chairman of the Fed Alan Greenspan was her acolyte and a part of her inner circle. I disagree with everything that she stood for and I don’t think that she was a nice person. I like nice people and being nice isn’t that difficult, it can be challenging at times, but in the overall scheme of things, it isn’t that hard. 🙂

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