Elizabeth Warren To Hit Back At Mitch McConnell By Campaigning For Alison Lundergan Grimes

Poor Mitch, he doesn’t know what he is in for now. I am so proud to have Senator Warren in my corner; she is someone who came to politics to make a difference for the people and you see her passion and commitment in everything that she does; from the bills that she writes, to the Consumer Financial Protection Agency that she set up, she is here for us and I consider myself lucky for it. When you look around at congress and the people who occupy its seats; you won’t find a single one who spent anywhere near the amount of money to attend college as the young people of today must; moreover, these congress people were lucky enough to have been born during the time that the middle class and working class families still had a shot in the economy. This is what Elizabeth Warren speaks to; how do we get our economy and society to a place where the middle class and working class can once again find employment, opportunities and possibilities that would allow them to flourish. I have noticed the the Republican Party thinks that poor people or lower income people are inherently lazy; I disagree completely, I think that if the the tax codes weren’t specifically written by big corporate lobbyists to siphon wealth away from labor and directly upwards to capital, by making it cheaper to produce and manufacture overseas, then middle America would be in a better situation economically. Americans want to work, are proud to work and it isn’t right to have them be forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to employment by making most of the jobs available only minimum wage jobs. That isn’t the answer to a successful country. We shouldn’t be in the same statistics as other banana republics;such as our high prison population, our levels of child poverty, our infant mortality rate, but we are in many ways and it is embarrassing.
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