For tea party Republicans, House leadership hopes turn into disappointment

When I read that Kevin McCarthy was reaching out amongst his republican colleagues and making sure that the business of government continues because at the end of the day isn’t that why we elect and send our representatives to Washington D.C to work for us? I don’t mind who runs in the primaries; it is after all everyone’s right to present themselves if they feel the call to serve in public office, but I would much rather prefer having an elected official who actually believes in the system of government. The irony in having these tea party republicans in government is that since they oppose intellectualism, critical thinking, science and analytical thought, they aren’t aware that whatever they think of the pioneering spirit of America’s past; it is a much romanticized version. The land grab of the Wild West was our government making a deliberate choice to settle the West, the settlers were the ones who did the work, but they would not have been able to establish their homes without their representatives doing the work of government on their behalf. Moreover, the tea party group doesn’t even understand that they are very much removed from the original intent of the first actual tea party activists. How can we expect our government to function when we have a small group who do not believe in government, but want to be elected nevertheless and “serve”. Fooling around with the debt ceiling is the height of irresponsibility and “free markets” are nothing but an illusion, they exist as much as unicorns do. We need elected officials who understand these things.
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