Michele Bachmann On Elizabeth Warren: ‘She Is In No Way A Populist’

I think that Michelle Bachmann is using a different dictionary than the one I am familiar with; her understanding of the terms populist and regulations are not compatible with mine. For example I would put Elizabeth Warren’s photo next to the definition of populism in the dictionary because of her work in creating the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, because of her bill aimed at making Student debt more manageable, because of her speeches aimed at educating everyone to purposeful complexities of finance and how that is in and of itself a bad thing for consumers. These examples are in my mind the accomplishments of a populist. Perhaps since Michelle Bachmann hasn’t any use for these ideas and world views, she doesn’t find them to be popular in her universe. I think that she is confusing populist with being popular, these things can happen I guess. Furthermore Elizabeth Warren doesn’t accept Dodd-Frank as the only remedy in town when it comes to dealing with Wall Street; she is firmly behind the bill that would reinstate Glass-Steagal; hows that for regulating the Big Banks and I know that she will probably do everything in her power to come up with a responsible way for breaking up these big banks because they are still a potential threat to our economy as in too big to allow to fail. Michelle Bachmann is incorrect in saying that the Republican Party has nothing to fear from Elizabeth Warren; Elizabeth Warren is gifted in connecting with people and she wholeheartedly believes in the American people and the American dream and you can sense that she wants to bring that dream back to life. So Republican Party watch out because you have one popular populist in our corner and she means business.
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