GOP Strength In 2014 Could Be A Problem In 2016

I understand that everyone has a right to be represented in government, but when the republican leadership has had the judicial branch alter the political landscape through gerry mandering, thus giving a distorted reality to what the majority of voters really wish, then what recourse do the majority of voters have when the control of the house isn’t in the party that won by the popular vote? We have serious issues at hand and starving the government of the will to work at legislating laws, which is their primary function, is absurd. Why else to have a government and more importantly, why else would one present themselves to be part of the government, if only to do the work. I find it disturbing that these tea party republicans only want to serve in congress to insure that the least amount of work is done. Look around, we have high levels of poverty in the richest nation of the world; it isn’t something of the natural order, it is because of human choices and policy decisions. I am hoping with all of my might that in November, we see the youth and everyone else who feels disenfranchised, turn out and have their voices heard because we might not have the money that Wall Street has or the Koch brothers, but we still have our voice and thereby our vote. We can’t let that fall aside just because it isn’t a presidential election, the mid-term elections are just as important. I think that voting should be mandatory, it is our civic duty, as important as jury duty.
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