Congressional Republicans Go Silent On Obama’s LGBT Discrimination Order

Silence is a beautiful thing. I only wish that congress would move ahead and at least vote on the corresponding bill ENDA that has been dead in the water since Boehner wouldn’t allow a vote in the house; he should at least allow the electorate see how their elected officials stand on LGBT discrimination. I see that the few republicans who responded to President Obama’s executive order asked that religious institutions be giving proper consideration, but consideration for what, the ability to continue to discriminate? I cannot understand how sexual or gender orientation brings out the worst in some people. These issues are intensely private and do not need to be treated with hate, fear or insensitivity. Being heterosexual does not give someone license to be the arbiter of what is right or wrong in realm sexual issues. We are human and therefore unique and should be appreciated for our uniqueness, however it manifests itself. The point of the matter is that, it should in no way prevent us from getting an employment, being productive and contributing to our society. Discrimination does not serve a useful purposeful, aside from making the ones who discriminate somehow feel powerful and in control. When people need to feel that way; they are responding to some unaddressed issues that bring out fear, it explains their anger. Fear and anger have an intimate relationship. Acceptance signals no fear; so once the fear has been addressed and dealt with, that is when you see the hate and anger fade away. Just something to think about.
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