Harry Reid Slams ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Pathetic’ GOP Response To Benghazi Arrest

The capture of Khatallah throws a huge wrench in the last remaining attack position that the latest Benghazi investigation commmittee had. Everything else had been already answered and verified much to the Republican Party’s frustration. This was the last avenue left to attack President Obama with and he had the special forces and the FBI go out and blow it for the Republican Party “How dare he”. I only wish that the Republican Party would direct their fury, their indignation and their energies to nation build our own nation. Imagine what our country would look like if we had a congress who was able to work together to solve our own social, econmic and political issues. It would be pretty awesome wouldn’t it? Right now there are a slew of bills, all dealing with manufacturing within our country, just waiting to be put to a vote in the House, but they are languishing in Bill limbo because of Boehner. We had Elizabeth Warren’s bill, the one that would allow student loans to be re-financed, filibustered just last week. These two billls were designed to help the American people take charge of their lives either by getting jobs or by having their monthly bills reduced to be able to participate more fully in our economy. I think that what the Republican Party fails to understand is that if they sit back and do nothing, they are actually doing something and that is denying people all across the board opportunties and possibilites. To do nothing is really about doing something, but it is never something good, it is always something negative. I wish that the Republican Party would be honest when they address the American people. They rely on the bait and switch; they say that they are for freedom, but what they are really all about is freedom for the wealthy. Their economic policies for the average person only create indentured economic realities for the masses. I know that they yell about freedom from taxes, but in exchange they never tell the people what they are getting in return. We have had almost 40 years of Reaganomics; we haven’t had anyone really upset the apple cart on that one, and what do we have to show for it? We are not in the top ten for anything positive amongst the industrialized nations; our next generation will not do better than the previous one and retirement has become frightening for the majority. We took a wrong turn in 1980; we seriously have to reverse course and soon.


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