Real Business Leaders Want to Save Capitalism

It isn’t just tax reform that is so vitally needed right now; it is the structure of C.E.O payment that has to be changed; it should be severed from stock performance and repositioned against the companies performance outside of stock prices the way it used to be in the past. We would see management take a much more interested position over labor when the health of the company overall is back in focus as opposed to profit shares, stock prices and dividends. This would also stop the horrendous practice of buybacks which siphons money away from reinvesting in the company and its workers and just makes the stock value greater. Stocks shouldn’t be valued more than labor; stocks aren’t real, they are mere projections of future value, one hiccup misinterpreted could send stock values down or a gentle breeze flowing after a storm could send stock prices up. Miserable and underpaid workers, now that is real and those workers are consumers by the way. Stocks don’t buy products, they end up going into the pockets of the wealthy who cannot sustain an economy as large as ours on their own; they need the millions upon millions of consumers such as us to thrive and grow. It is about time that business people wake up and understand such a fundamental fact. I think that greed is like an addiction; it clouds your judgement, it dominates your thinking process and it impairs your cognitive abilities. Tell me that the behavior that we have seen on Wall Street and that we are currently seeing now with the Koch brothers and their right wing colleagues in government isn’t proof of my theory? They are at the wheel of our political and economic engine and we need to stage an immediate intervention before they get anymore entrenched in the driver’s seat. This imbalance absolutely needs to be set right and soon.
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