Iraq Crisis Offers Biden Timely Vindication

This is why history is so very important; if we looked to history we would see that Iraq and much of the other countries were artificially created by the superpowers of the moment and if we recall the former nation of Yugoslavia, it was only held together by Tito the Fox and only upon his death did everything start to unravel. And so when we were lied to by the Bush administration and thrown into the Iraq War we dismantled the regime that had kept the powder keg in Iraq from exploding. Vice-President Biden was culling a paging from history and doing what too few of the Iraq “experts” are doing; learning from history. I am also blaming the media or should I say corporate media; they themselves haven’t learned anything from history either; who is making all of the horrendous booking decisions? Part of the media’s job description is to inform the public, not inform them poorly, but inform them properly so that the public may have all of the relevant information at hand to make reasoned decisions. The media is giving us such a small narrow view of what is happening in Iraq; where is the balance? At least some semblance of balanced world view would be nice; instead we are being subjected to hawks and that is it. I am war weary and I strongly feel that we haven’t a moral leg to stand on in terms of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the biggest favor that we can do for the Middle East is to find some way to extricate ourselves out of their internal regional conflicts and allow them to self-determination. That used to be a thing in the past; instead it has been used to slot people willy nilly into artificial nation states all neat and tidy. Self-determination doesn’t always present itself neat and tidily, but I would argue that when the people sort themselves out without super power interference, the odds are most likely to be in their favor.
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