Bobby Jindal Says Rebellion Brewing Against Washington

Governor Bobby Jindal says that the left is trying to silence the religious right, but I have to strongly disagree with his accusation. The left, and I am speaking in general of course, only asks that religion be kept out of our government business and the important part that legislation plays in governmental activity. We have a clear separation of church and state and the left truly wishes to keep it this way. We, on the left, take the founding father’s words very seriously when they had written that freedom of religion was key to the founding of our republic and that the government will in no way dictate one man’s religious beliefs. The left have also come to interpret freedom of religion to be freedom from religion as well, for those who choose not to practice any religious doctrine. I know that I get exceptionally put out with those of the Christian Right who, once they get into office, make legislating a women’s right to reproductive freedom a priority, because it is part of their religious belief system. An elected official can practice their religion at home, at church, but when at work legislating and voting on the potential laws of the land, do not insert your religious doctrine in between my freedom to do with my reproductive system as I see fit. I do not want to be dictated to by some stranger’s religion, it isn’t right and it isn’t in the government’s ability and legality to do so; at least that is how I interpret the constitution. So the left doesn’t want to silence the Christian Right Governor Jindal; they are merely demanding that the religous right cease and desist from inserting their religious beliefs into our laws.
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