Supreme Court Justices Limit Existing EPA Global Warming Rules

This ruling seems contradictory to the one they handed down a few months ago supporting the E.P.A and its federal powers by having states being held responsible for pollution crossing state lines. Now they are saying that the E.P.A is limited in its scope of power requiring companies to reduce their carbon imprint? I don’t see the logical progression whatsoever. Obviously the five conservative Justices do not believe in climate change or they do not believe climate change is manmade or they do not believe that the public servants or public agencies have the constitutional right to apply any authority or simply they do not believe in any of the above. Meanwhile here on earth we are seeing first hand the effects of climate change and these five conservative Justices could not care less. It is so very frustrating to see and experience first hand what damage extreme conservatism can do when you are a progressive at heart. My experience as a young adult in the late eighties; graduated from college without student debt, seeing the fruits of a moderate Supreme Court, medical inflation hasn’t started and not yet experiencing the full blown economic effects of the Reagan economic trickle down doctrine, is nothing comparable to what my two young adult children are experiencing now. I had the luxury of hope and excitement, still flush with the prospects of possibilities and opportunities, my children are jaded in contrast. They see their debt, they aren’t seeing many prospects and are thankful to be able to stay on our health insurance plans. They understand the Supreme Court to be a corporate kangaroo court run by an ideology that is unfamiliar and incongruous to their reality. My children are respectful of science, of our environment and were very curious about the Occupy movement and are huge fans of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The youth, hopefully, will steer us in the right direction at least ecologically, environmentally and sustainably. This latest ruling, hopefully will not impede the E.P.A from implementing its mission statement any further, which was put into place by our former republican President Nixon. If only the present day conservatives could remember that and the fact that the word conservative also has roots in conservation, synonymous with preservation, things that we need to do for our public lands and our common air, soil and water.
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