Darrell Issa Slams IRS Over Emails In Tea Party Scandal

This controversy would be averted if more people watched Stephen Colbert, specifically the Peabody award winning episodes regarding his creation of his own Colbert nation superpac and all of the legal requirements and trust me there aren’t many, especially regarding the I.R.S; none of the superpacs ever needed to file with the I.R.S, as Stephen learned from his trusty attorney Trevor. Moreover the I.R.S wasn’t only looking at the tea party groups, but they were also looking at many progressive groups as well. I don’t know if I would call that targeting when it isn’t only one group amongst the many, but rather several different groups; then you would call it being methodical and diligent; something very different I would say. I would argue that Darrell Issa is wasting a lot of time and tax payer money going after this alleged scandal and what do tax payers get in return for all of this time wasted? How do we recoup our wasted tax payer dollars when it is generated as a result of trying to find incriminating evidence when there really isn’t anything after all this time. I know that in police work there are checks and balances such as probable cause and warrants to keep police excess and overzealous behavior in check, however where is the public’s right to keeping our elected officials in check with their personal witch hunts from going out of bounds. In the grand scheme of things, we have a lot more on our plate then this I.R.S probe over the non-profit status of these various superpacs. When is Darrell Issa going to be satisfied of the non scandalous nature of the inquiry and move on to other order of business? And I don’t mean Benghazi either, something else entirely. Something that will be for the good of our democracy. Crazy right?
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