The Economy Just Shrank At Fastest Rate Since The Recession

I would argue that the economy’s deceleration isn’t due to a harsh winter; it is due to a lack of economic policy. The level of obstructionism in our congress has ground any movement towards implementing much needed guidelines to push corporate America into action because clearly when they are left to their own devices they very much short sightedly focus on their profit and loss margins, their stock prices, their buy back stock options and shareholder meetings. When corporate America behaves like this, our economy as a whole takes a hit because the primary drivers of our economy are thrown under the bus and cannot as a huge purchasing block fulfill their function. That is why we need government to do its part in keeping the economic engine greased and part of that is voting on bills that are ready and waiting to be acted upon such as Elizabeth Warren’s bill keeping credit checks out of the equation during the application process or the Made in America bill that has been waiting for years to be voted on, we could also have them vote on extending longterm unemployment insurance to get people a lifeline and get them back into the economy. The more we starve average people of opportunities and possibilities, the more we are starving the economic engine that drives our country; they are inextricably bound together and anyone who doesn’t see that is missing the most fundamental aspect of our economic story. We have had really harsh winters before and they didn’t contract the economy as much, this is clearly the result of a government standstill and it has to stop. We need government to be the impetus for corporate America to start hiring and to stop hoarding their cash, the more people in the workplace, the more people able to purchase and thus the virtuous cycle begins again.
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