Lawmakers Who Helped Break Iraq Are Angry Obama Hasn’t Fixed It

I think that we, the people, are all war weary; especially when considering that we were led into the Iraq War under false pretenses and there is nothing to show for it except for the fact that we grew our veteran population, subjected these young men and women to years of trauma, injury and death and brought them back home to an economy that hasn’t any room for them; not to mention that we broke a foreign nation in the process. I would try to remind both Boehner and McConnell that it is congress’s job decide when to go to war, so if they are so inclined to “fix” Irag then they are the branch of government with the war determining powers. Stop looking to the President, especially this week since Boehner and his colleagues want to sue him for gross misuse of his executive powers. How can we not expect Iraq to be in turmoil? When we started the war in 2003; we went after their infrastructure like the gangbusters of a military powerhouse that we are, so of course, Iraq’s economy took a hit and its people are facing economic stresses and hardship and those hardships are often just enough of a spark needed to set off the tinderbox of simmering tensions within a country. I, however, would not recommend us going back into war; we would only muck it up even further. The Iraqi people want their nation back I am sure, but I would think that they want it on their own terms, not handed back to them by us who clearly don;t understand what they want or need to be an independent country. There isn’t going to be a clear cut solution to the humongous problems in the Middle East; I think that there has been far too much Western meddling for far too long and we all know why we have meddled, only for one item and that is oil. Fossil fuel will be our undoing either by war, environmental disasters or horrendous economic policies. We need to completely change our way of thinking and collectively as a nation try to imagine a way to alternative energy sources that are less likely to embroil us in future conflicts.
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