Obama: Congress Doesn’t Do Anything ‘Except Block Me And Call Me Names’

And of course Mitch McConnell responds to President Obama’s appeal for a working relationship through discussions and give and take, with the Keystone Pipeline and a repeal of the Medical Device tax, a way to help pay for the ACA. Mitch McConnell just showed us why the President has had to deliver executive orders; instead of opening with something about jobs, manufacturing or long-term unemployment insurance; items that can be worked out between the two parties, McConnell goes for the Keystone pipeline, a horrible idea given the fact that we are facing the consequences of excess carbon in our atmosphere and just as importantly, we can’t afford anymore pipes bursting or leaking dirty oil into our soil, ground water and our rivers. I used to be able to find something within the Republican Party that I could get behind, but those days are gone. As a progressive, there is absolutely nothing that I find that makes any sense to me either socially, economically or politically. I believe in the idea of government; one that allows us to live our lives better, with the possibilities and opportunities available for us to do with our talents what we might, and provide our citizenry the right to clean air,clean water and clean soil. Lastly to keep the powers and economic forces stronger then we, the average individual, from taking advantage of us. Government is ours to serve us the people and the Republican Party does not see it that way, they see government as the other, as a barrier to their freedom, when in fact government can and has been the impetus for freedom; freedom from slavery, freedom from discrimination, freedom of religion. The Republican Party seems to think that giving corporations a free pass delivers economic freedom; I would argue to the contrary; if we look around, the Reagan revolution of putting corporations first, has produced an economic servitude forced onto the middle class and the working poor that wasn’t there before 1980. There is no economic freedom under the republican party’s ideological stewardship. I would like us to go back and try it again, this experiment that we call America and this time, let’s do it with the progressive ideals in mind, kind of doing a little homage to good old Teddy Roosevelt and the other progressives from back in the day.
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