Hobby Lobby Is Only The 2nd Most Important Decision SCOTUS Will Hand Down Monday

The linked article explains the other case very well, legally I understand why the litigants are suing, they do not want to pay the agency fees to the union even if they are benefitting from increased hourly wages that the union had negotiated for all of the employees, both union and non-union. However I still do not understand what is going on in their heads; they went from 7.25 an hour to over 9.00 an hour and they feel wronged to pay an agency fee for a benefit made on their behalf. Where is the logic, where is the drive to make one’s circumstance better? Legally I don’t quite understand how their grievance would be covered under Free Speech, normally I would say that my confusion could be alleviated by the experts, but I hesitate using that term with the conservatives who dominate the Robert;s Court. I am very nervous about both these cases; we can’t afford as a nation, anymore infringements on our reproductive freedoms and our right to benefit from the impact of unions at the bargaining table. I strongly believe that religion and the state need to be separated and the idea that a corporation can have religious beliefs and the right to exercise their religious beliefs and have it impact their employees in an adverse way is so very depressing. Moreover the balance of power between capital and labor or even management and labor is so incredibly tilted to the capital and management side that labor is being ground into sidewalk. This is far too detrimental to our economy and who ever thinks that “free markets” will remedy this reality is grossly mistaken. We do not have free markets, the republicans in congress at the behest of their lobbyists have manipulated the tax code, implemented laws and repealed laws, so ergo there is no “free market” it is a right wing fantasy that only exists in their ideology. We need a healthy relationship between labor and capital which means that we need more unions, not less because it is when workers are united in power and interests that they can affect change in their working conditions. There is far too much inequality and power imbalance in our country and it is not going to end well for us as a whole.
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