Hillary’s Hardest Choice (and the Democrat’s Dilemma)

I think that after watching President Obama welcome many of former President Bill Clinton’s team into his inner circle and seeing that Wall Street hasn’t been called to the mat for wrecking the global economy; many on the populist left are leary of more Clinton economics. I would hope that Hillary understands that her husband listened way too much to Robert Rubin and his decisions to repeal Glass-Steagal and to deregulate derivatives and commodities were major contributing factors to Wall Street’s insane downward spiral into profit making gluttony at the expense of our economy. Moreover given her ties with the Wall Street crowd; does Hilary really understand how much change is needed to get our economic course corrected so that we have the opportunities and possibilities restored to Americans everywhere/ Does Hillary understand the free trade isn’t the way to go, au contraire it ships jobs overseas; Fair Trade is what we need. There are many issues that Hillary needs to explore and explain her position to the American people; not just domestically but also in terms of foreign policy such as reassuring us that she won’t continue her hawkish behavior that we had seen during her stint as Secretary of State. We need to concentrate on nation building at home and there is so much of it to do. I have lists that I can forward to Hillary if she needs an itemized to-do list.
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