Corporations Are People, And They Have More Rights Than You

To this day I still don’t understand how we got to a place in any reality of accepting the concept of corporations being people and thus having the right to Free Speech. It seems that the conservative judges, the Five Supremes, believe that the First Amendment is a giant rug that they can sweep all of their ideological positions as related to law underneath and come out smelling like a rose. Haven’t we as a people or as human beings established that in the balance of power between employer and employee; the latter needs more help because they are always lacking in the power relationship between the two. Teddy Roosevelt himself recognized that corporations needed to be regulated because left to their own devices, they gravitated towards exploitation and self-serving profit driven behaviors, not congruent with correct and fair conduct in our society. Our current Supreme Court is like the nightmare that you cannot wake up from. I was hoping that they would maybe stand with women and their reproductive needs, which impact our society a great deal and allowing a corporation to exercise its “religious freedom” in denying access to normally covered and thus free contraceptive part of the health care law is only making life for women as usual more onerous and less equal than that of a man. I realize that life is unfair, but when we in America have to work so much harder just because we are women or because we are in another minority category while the laws that are legislated by mostly white men and judicially defended and validated by white men, it makes one infuriated. How did the First Amendment become so easily twisted; I think that the Thomas Jefferson, though he wasn’t a saint, and James Madison would be horrified as to what has become of their vision. I am horrified by what has come to pass for the Supreme Court these days.
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