Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush Totaled 672 Executive Orders. Obama has 182. Boehner’s Lawsuit Is Frivolous

Initially I thought that Boehner was bluffing, just finding another way to voice his frustration at not being able to corral his caucus successfully into legislating and passing any type of bill, by taking it out verbally on the President because he, of course, makes an excellent whipping post for the Republican Party. I can’t communicate politely how angry it makes me to know that Boehner will be wasting not only our hard-earned tax dollars, that could instead be funding our Highway Fund, an extension of long-term unemployment insurance, more teachers, more firefighters or some research and development, not to mention our time. We are in a crisis right now if the Republican Party hasn’t noticed; our young adults are drowning in student debt, their introduction to the workforce has been very weak, our infrastructure is crumbling, children are hungry and the average American is still struggling with private debt and making ends meet while the wealthy are getting wealthier through their stock portfolios and not through any real active participation in the economy. We the consumers are the serious economic engine of America and we are being starved of fuel; and the only response to all this that Boehner can come up with is to file a lawsuit against our President for acting on behalf of the American people because Boehner’s house won’t. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and infuriating all at the same time.
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