A Third Of Voters Call Obama The Worst President Since World War II

I am not surprised by the amount, a third of Americans sounds about right when it comes to gauging how large the Tea Party group is and I am fairly certain that all republicans consider President Obama to be pretty bad, just perhaps not the worst. However, just look at the non-stop negative barrage on all right wing media outlets, it probably seeps into their subconscious and is on a perpetual loop right below the surface of their awareness, so the numbers do make sense. I differ from them; my vote for worst President ever is former President Ronald Reagan; his “understanding” of economics, his vision of what America needed and his social causes dismantled the Middle Class slowly and surely, ever since he came into office and we are still reeling from his legacy. When he went after the air comptroller union, he gave his fellow conservatives the political legitimacy to throw off the gloves when it came to attacking the right to unionize, Reagan absolutely believed in making the federal government as small as possible except for the military, he made “trickle down” economics into a republican ideology, he single-handedly rendered the idea of government as something bad, inefficient and transformed the idea of government into an entity that he made into “the other” as if government wasn’t here to serve us the people, but was the enemy actively seeking to limit our freedom. He did it often alone, using his mighty pen with the action of executive orders, since he was frequently stalled by a democratic congress, but it wasn’t only what he did, but what he said that hurt us so badly in the long run. He made government the bad guy in the eyes of many people and government isn’t the bad guy. We have to get money out of politics, we have to make voting a civic duty, not just a privilege, we have to change the way that we view government in and of itself; it is an extension of ourselves and that is how government should serve us; we invest in it, we elect people to represent us and we should see the fruits of that labor and investment. Reagan did a lot to undermine the system that he was a part of, but we can undo the damage that he had wrought; the first step is acknowledging the fact that he was so very wrong.
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