Decision Looms In Lawsuit That May Actually Crush Obamacare

So the issue at hand is the wording of the text; specifically the relationship between federal subsidies and exchanges, and whether the exchanges be only State exchanges or Federal exchanges. According to the challengers interpretation; subsidies are only allowable to the State run exhanges, which given the precarious rolling out of all of the exchanges this past year forced some states to forgo their own exhanges in lieu of the federal and then the republican run states simply refused to set up their own exhanges and begrudgingly allowed their constituents access to Federal exchanges, a development unanticipated at the time of writing the law. I am certain the when the text was written, the spirit behind it was to have subsisies be available regardless which exchange was used; however it is up to a judges interpretation and thus ideoligical bent and by now we should know what that means. I realize that every big change in any society is met with equally big opposition, but still haven’t we had enough? Why is the idea of universal health care insurance anathema to so many; mind you not a majority in this country, and it is so very tiring to constantly defend the concept of health care as being a right and not a privilege. Why is it so hard to get the republicans back on board of universal health care coverage, it does fall under their ideological tent of individual responsibility of each person being covered so not use the E.R as a “freebie”, and work with the democrats to improve the law as opposed to trying to defund and derail it at every turn. It is so short-sighted a strategy as to be extremely obvious, having given the people a taste of what is possible and then to snatch it away is not good governance, not by a long shot. I find it disturbing that I have begun to dread news about courts and the ACA law because judiciary is not immune to ideology. I cannot wrap my head around an ideology that would be okay with people going bankrupt because of medical bills or who have to make tough choices between food or medication. I am also unable to reconcile with an ideology that denies a government platform for the people and yet provides government support for corporations. That the Republican Party deems that individuals need to live by the “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” romanticized ideology and yet they push mountains and fight hook, line and sinker to make government work for the corporations, the lobbyists and Wall Street; I find this to be very disingenuous to say the least. I think that we need to stand with the ACA law and let it develop into a proper health care coverage law that works for us as a nation.
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  1. As someone who has fallen through the cracks of the Obama Care system I couldn’t agree with you more. I live in Texas and it is estimated that 9500 Texans die every 6 months because they don’t have access to the health care that they need. For the past year and a half I have been in the ER every 3-5 weeks. I am treated just enough to get by then sent home to repeat the cycle all over again. I have even had Dr.’s tell me I need to get sicker to the point of life threatening because them they accrual really required to treat me.

    It is a sad state of affairs we are in.

    1. I am so sorry for your situation, it makes me angry to think that even doctors see that there is something so fundamentally wrong with our way of healing people and yet republicans knowingly allow it to happen. I hope that somehow you do get better. Good luck to you.

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