Politicians Hesitate To Celebrate Positive Jobs Numbers

As a progressive, I look at these numbers and think that if we can do this, despite all of the republican obstructionist behaviors and the corporate mindset of keeping their profits in their vaults or overseas in tax havens, then imagine how much better our economy would be if our congress were able to work together for the people instead of fighting over which ideology wins out. I should qualify my statement by admitting that my ideology is that government has a place in our lives, I don’t understand why and how those who do not believe in government want to be in government if only to make sure that it doesn’t work for others, there is something wrong about that, almost cruel. Economics goes beyond supply and demand, it goes beyond mathematical equations because human behavior is involved and thus you have emotions such as greed, selfishness and anger. When we see the Republican Party focus solely on denying people access to ACA, voting rights, reproductive freedom and environmental regulations, we should be asking ourselves how exactly are they helping our nation realize the possibilities and opportunities that are implicit in the American Dream? I listen to the Republican Party message and all I hear is no; no to clean air, clean water and clean soil, no to economic freedom, no to voting freedom and no to women’s rights, I am not partial to the word no. I like the word yes; yes everyone should vote and be heard, yes, women are the queens of their bodies, yes workers have power at the negotiating table, yes students should have affordable educations across the board, I like the word yes.
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