Damaged Democrats: Can They Recover?

As I was scrolling down the comments, the level of anger coming from the right was pretty intense and their attacks against the ACA were vehement and pointed. I couldn’t help but think that what they are so angry about is what you get when you compromise a lot to the Republican Party and if the progressives and the more left Democrats had had their druthers, we would all be enjoying Medicare for all, but since the Republican Party insists on privatizing everything to make room for profits, this is what you get. Moreover, we are forgetting that even if we had democrat majorities in congress, we had several Fake democrats siding with republicans time and again, Ben Nelson I am talking to you, so much of what the left wanted was left on the House floor, add that to the filibuster and America was left out of what progressives had dreamed of for the working people of America; living wages, manufacturing back in America, real reform for Wall Street, tighter environmental regulations, an infrastructure bank, more federal help for secondary education and the list goes on. We have had the republican experiment for decades now and I am tired of it, it has been a failure, just walk outside and look around. President Obama has been thwarted by the republicans who still heed Reagan’s and Bush’s ideology and they have added to the impoverishment of the middle class. I am hoping that Bernie Saunders prevails in 2016 and come November we see an influx of more democrats in congress. Perhaps then we will have the turn around that we so desperately need.
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