Congress May Spend More On The Benghazi Panel Than On The Veterans Affairs Committee

The impression that I gleaned from this article is that the Republican Party’s priorities are clearly askew. We have already had several investigations regarding the events that led up to the Benghazi tragedy and another committee will not change what happened that night. Meanwhile we have a serious situation at the VA that can be and must be changed; we should be investing our taxpayer monies and our elected officials time and resources to remedy the deficits at all of the Veteran’s Administration hospitals, offices and data centers. If I were in charge, I would advise the Obama administration to direct the N.S.A to hand over one of their massive data centers to the Veteran’s Administration so that they can coordinate, track and correlate all of their patient’s medical history and treatments. Imagine that, wouldn’t that be a step in the right direction? We don’t need massive surveillance, but we sure do need a massive overhaul on how we treat our veterans. I am so sorry for the families of the four victims of the Benghazi tragedy, but how many times can we go over the same testimony hoping for a different answer? At some point we have to acknowledge that the Republican Party is essentially exploiting this for political purposes, which makes me very angry because it isn’t as if we don’t have other equally important issues to deal with at the moment. In case the Republican Party isn’t aware; we have a student debt crisis, the housing market is still in the weak, the long term unemployed still need help and our infrastructure is crumbling. There is my list in case they needed some ideas of where to start.
read the article:


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