Elizabeth Warren’s Question Of Trust Stumps Wall Street Exec

I have watched her question several financial and banking experts since she came to D.C and with clear, understandable phrasing she dismantles each executive as they try to obfuscate their way out of tough questions. It is a beautiful thing to watch and what I extrapolate time and time again is that there is an easy answer to our issues with Wall Street; we must without a doubt reinstitute strong financial regulations and be diligent in our requirements for transparency and just as importantly be strict about banks keeping healthy reserves on hand. Moreover Senator Warren inspires trust, you can easily see how comfortable she is with the subject matter and how these “expert” cannot use arcane or technical jargon to confuse her; they are talking to an expert themselves who can probably teach them a thing or two on many financial matters.I have said it often, but it bears repeating, I am so proud to have her as my Senator. On another note, I know why people aren’t comfortable investing in the stock market; remember the LIBOR scandal? Remember the Bank of Paris? Remember Goldman Sachs? Remember HBSC or something to that effect, drug money laundering scandal? Mortgage fraud and Bank of America anyone? How about Citigroup? Isn’t it disgusting how long the list goes? And we are confused as to why there isn’t any trust to be had in Wall Street or Big Banks? The evidence speaks for itself. Go at them Senator!
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