Obama On Border Crisis: Let’s Put Politics Aside And Get This Done

I do not see an easy solution to this issue, it isn’t as if we are operating in a vacuum and there aren’t other factors at play. In case some have forgotten, these children are fleeing Central America because of dire poverty, gang related violence and complete hopelessness. We have had various government agencies embroiled down in Central America for decades trying to influence their politics and economies to our advantage and perhaps we have some responsibility there. The solution isn’t just to throw up a wall, there has to be something more enlightened than that. As an aside I am heartened to see that despite all of our President’s headaches, his gift for quippery is alive and kicking; putting the kibosh on executive action because he is under threat of Boehner’s lawsuit was really funny. Seriously though, the Republican Party needs to come together and figure out how they want to proceed with a legislative plan of action, which means working with the democrats. I tend to shy away from these discussions over immigration and undocumented people because I am from a family of recent immigrants, all documented, but we came from France and we didn’t suffer from discrimination or harassment, not like so many others that just want to come here and make a better life for themselves and their families, but do not fit with what is wanted for the moment. Let us not forget that President Bush signed the law that prevents our government from kicking these unfortunate children to the curb, which means that congress came together at that point and created legislation dealing with immigration; so there must be a way for them to go back and do it for a second time. How hard can it be?
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