How Inequality Is Hurting Whole Foods

Whole Foods isn’t the only retailer or food specialty store to feel the sting of a class specific recovery. Maybe this is the wake up call that the C.E.O’ and other Wall Street executives and investors need to realize that you cannot leave the consumer out in the cold when it comes to economics. We used to have the strongest and most prosperous middle class in the world, now Canada has taken that title, but we were there for a long time because our wages were rising and we didn’t leave others by the wayside. The 1%, since the 1970’s, appears to want more than what I would say is a fair share of the pie and they have used their influence and ties to Capital Hill to implement tax cuts, union hostile legislation and invest in secondary schools to promote libertarian ideology. The clarion call for more union participation and living wages alongside with health care coverage is reflective of what people are feeling on the ground. We the majority cannot actively participate in our economy when we spend all of our wages on bills; that leaves nothing for discretionary spending and companies like Whole Foods unfortunately come under luxury goods for the average person and thus their purchases are the first to go. I am hoping that Whole Foods will get on the bandwagon and fight for greater diversity of a clientele base. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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