Martin O’Malley Goes Against White House On Child Deportations

I applaud Governor O’Malley on his stand; I know that it is unpopular in certain circles, but these children should be listed as political and economic refugees and we should be trying to help them. Imagine how horrendous it must be in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua for these children to brave all of those miles to seek sanctuary within our borders. How quickly we forget how much we have interfered in all of these countries domestic political outcomes; if we could do that, then we could do something positive for the children whose lives we may have inadvertently affected. The saying is that you must reap what you sow and boy have we reaped a lot over the past several decades, not us as a people, but our government agencies such as the C.I.A, but that still doesn’t absolve us from any responsibility. We like to think ourselves as the leader of the free world, with great power comes great responsibility and this is a situation that requires our compassion and responsible behavior immediately.
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