Darrell Issa Going Crazy Issuing Subpoenas, Outpacing Previous Chairmen Combined

From what I understand of traditional legal theory; you cannot issue a subpeona simply as an investigative tool or as a fishing expedition hoping that it supplies further leads or evidence. You need to do your due diligence first before resorting to subpoena. If one is issuing directives and subpoenas simply because they can, that is an abuse of power. Moreover Darrell Issa is not an island; he is part of a committee and there is a reason for committees, they are part of the process and provide checks and balances; specifically to deter abuses of power. Darrell Issa clearly is ignoring his committee members and trying to fulfill his party leaderships overall agenda of negating, obstructing and delegitimizing all aspects of our President’s administration. How else do you explain all of the “scandals” that have been shown to be non-scandals. Representative Darrell Issa if left unchecked will continue to waste our tax payer’s dollars and our other resources to throw as wide a net as possible hoping to catch something, another way to put it, is that he is throwing whatever he can at a wall, praying that something will eventually stick. That is not how we govern. We, the people, deserve so much better from our elected officials.
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