This False Statement Of Fact Forms The Backbone Of John Boehner’s Anti-Obama Lawsuit

I thought that Boehner and almost all of congress were attorneys. After reading the article, it is clear that given the parameters of the ACA law and the newly found freedom from employer health care coverage, meaning you can purchase your own health care insurance via the health care insurance exchanges, it would be very difficult to show that delaying the employer mandate for a short time is doing harm to individuals or to the nation in general. Prior to the adoption of the ACA as law, I would have agreed that purchasing health care insurance privately was indeed way too onerous for the individual, not only because the pools were so small as to make it far too expensive, but the horrendous burden of the pre-existing conditions that discriminated against millions, making our health care system a nightmare at least for me. Boehner and the Republican Party are showing their weak hand in their constant battle against our President, they prefer to waste our time and resources pursuing a frivolous lawsuit then to deal with actual real time problems that we all face together such as passing immigration, investing in our crumbling infrastructure and strengthening our Export-Import bank to help our trade deficits which are a significant drain on our economy. These are real issues, not some trumped up lawsuit.
read the article:


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