Two-Thirds Of Republicans Think Impeaching Obama Would Be Justified

I am of the group who wish that the Republican Party would cease and desist obstructing governance on all levels and of course cease blaming President Obama for everything that is happening, regardless if he was in power at the time. I do not believe that our President has exceeded his authority in the least; he has executed his office in good faith and all of his actions have been bolstered by precedent from a rich history of presidential executive orders. I wish that congress could match President Obama in accomplishments, but it is never too late. I remember when the Republican Party went after former President Clinton and those who cried the loudest ended up suffering from the, as Stephen Colbert so enthusiastically put it, “Clinton Curse”. Remember Larry Craig, David Vitter and there were several others who went down in a cloud of smoke and infamy. The members of congress should not dismiss history or lessons in humility; the Republican Party did suffer as a whole from the vengeful actions of a select few. I am surprised that they would want to go down that tangled path once more. Moreover; this stubborn and persistent desire to undermine and defy our President at all cost is wasting our resources, our time and our taxpayer dollars and what do we have to show for it? Nothing, our infrastructure is crumbling, our housing problems are still here, the long term unemployed are seriously suffering and our highway fund is running out of money and the Republican Party is letting it stay that way. This is not how governance works and I know that the republican ideology is all about small government and the smaller the better, but there is something not right about wanting to be elected to an institution to make it not work, when there are huge numbers of constituents that look to the government to do its work on their behalf.
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