Michele Bachmann: Hillary Clinton Should Be Worried About Elizabeth Warren

As is often the case Michele Bachmann takes an idea and confuses it up with her own interpretation of what has been said about it. Senator Warren has stated in no uncertain terms that she is not running in 2016. The primary will go on without her. Having said that I strongly believe that her presence in the national spotlight is crucial to getting Hillary Clinton to move away from her tendency towards center right politics and economics and her hawkish views. I am a progressive and I feel that Hillary Clinton is far too friendly with Wall Street and their worldview. far too open to privatization of our public sector and our commons. Moreover she feeds into the false narrative that our government is by nature unwieldy and inefficient. She forgets that there has been a concerted effort by her republican colleagues to make our government ineffective and weak. The republican leadership under Newt Gingrich abolished the Office of Technology and Services; the CBO of all things tech and forced congress to rely on private contractors as if that is not a conflict of interest. She should remember all of these things because she was there as First Lady. Newt Gingrich did not do the American people any favors during his tenure as Speaker; he left a damaging legacy for us and for government as a whole. We can have an efficient and effective government if we elected officials that believed in the competence of governance instead of electing those who want government to be reduced to something you can drown in a bath tub. I see that in just twenty five years of the Reagan experiment expounded upon by Newt and George Junior, there is no such thing as a struggle free economic existence unless you are more than well off, the word comfortable no longer means anything in this country and it is exhausting. We are being squeezed from all directions and the wealthy are no longer participating in sharing the burdens only recouping the gains, and that is very unhealthy for any society. Elizabeth Warren knows this and she is determined to remind everyone nationally and locally. I am so proud of her.
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