GOP Candidate Mistakes YMCA Kids For Migrants, Describes ‘Fear In Their Faces’

I am so embarrassed by certain segments of our population during this humanitarian crisis. These are children fleeing dangerous, volatile and poverty stricken countries. Moreover we have been guilty of intruding in their political outcomes for decades; I firmly believe that we bear some responsibility for the horrendous conditions that have evolved in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. We are the richest and most powerful country on this planet; we can certainly afford to take the time and do the morally right thing at this moment. I cannot imagine what mindset you have to have to be willing to go and stand out in the street, screaming insults and hateful comments to children already traumatized. I may not be religious, but I admire the message that Jesus carried in his heart and frankly I can’t help but ask myself “What would Jesus Say?” I would bet some coinage that many of these protestors are Christian; I have a hard time believing that atheists would be involved. Would it really put us over the edge to try to help these poor souls out? I think not. We have the tools, we have the resources, we just need to get together and produce some good political will to generate some action. It isn’t impossible, nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it.
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