Aftermath Of Birth Control Vote Turns Awkward

I know that Murkowski has often reached out across the aisle on women issues, I can’t imagine being a woman and choosing the Republican Party in its current ideological makeup, they have gone beyond the limit. She must get a lot of headaches just trying to figure out how to walk the razor thin line of what is acceptable within the narrow confines of what this new version of the Republican Party deems appropriate tot heir cause. Speaking of women issue, just yesterday Todd Aikens was being interviewed by Chuck Todd and I have to admit that I was impressed by how Chuck Todd would not let Todd Aikens off the hook with his choice of words. What really got to me was how easily the word rape rolled off Aikens tongue and how he spoke of children of rape and their right to exist, the same as children conceived out of love. It was making me very angry; I can so easily imagine the absolute fear, terror, abject desperation that being raped can feel at that moment and for who knows how long afterwards and this man would be so dismissive of all of the implications that arise after this most violent of sexual predatory acts? I was surprised by the fact that Chuck Todd actually called Todd Aiken on having the need to use a modifier for the word rape; he said rape is rape. I think that perhaps Chuck Todd knows someone who was perhaps a victim and he understands that there is no need to complicate the word or the act. It is a crime and moreover in my mind it is just as criminal to have a legislator trying to make a law that puts his religious beliefs over your right to medical privacy and control over what happens to your body. Getting back to Murkowski, I am glad that she reached across the aisle, I wish that she would go further and really make a stand about how women do not need men to tell them how to determine their biological and reproductive needs; because in this day and age men still have most of the power and it has to change especially when we are speaking about women issues.
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