Friday Talking Points — Democrats’ ‘Middle Class Jumpstart’ Agenda

I applaud all of these ideas that are underlined in the Middle Class Jumpstart Agenda. We have had forty years of the grand Reagan experiment and realistically speaking when we look around, what has it brought us? We have more billionaires perhaps, but has that contributed to the health of our economy? No, it has not contributed to the health to our economy, but rather to the contrary, the policies of trickle down economics has made the financial industry the go to industry for easy wealth due to the deregulation that has rendered it into a casino like atmosphere. I believe that a great way to grow a healthy, strong and diverse economy is to grow it organically from the bottom up and that requires commitment and investment; something that the republican economic theory does not believe in at all. There is one inescapable fact; the wealthy do not make superior consumers, no au contraire, they are simply your ordinary consumer when it comes to purchasing because quite frankly how much more food can you buy, how many more times can you go out to eat and so on and so forth, on the flip side, the wealthy are excellent hoarders and that is not good for any economy. The working poor, the working class and all of the various shades of the near extinct middle class are the ones who keep our economic engine humming along, we have gotten to the point that all of our paychecks go immediately into the economy, not many have the luxury of saving, not with education costs, health costs, transportation costs and food prices, do not forget also taking care of the elderly. It is very harsh out there and we need a Middle Class agenda now, we have Wall Street fatigue, I am tired of Reagan’s legacy, I want something that makes sense and is grounded in economic reality.
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