Bill Maher Slams Militarized Police Culture In America

I really wish that we didn’t have to rely so heavily on our comedians for spot on political, economic and social commentary. It is so sad that as Bill said the slogan “To serve and protect” originally meant for the community now seems to be all about protecting and serving the police officers. Since when have S.W.A.T teams been the go-to police back up or for house invasions when there is a suspicion of illegal activity? Moreover, there isn’t any apology or offer of reimbursement when the invasion proves to have been made in error. It has gotten a little scary to see our local police outfitted as if they are ready to go off to war, we are speaking about our streets and they haven’t yet deteriorated into war zones, not yet anyway. Who knows with the way things are devolving in our nation, we may indeed start seeing mini war zones if the middle class doesn’t have its descent into extinction stopped soon. A majority of working poor who are educated and have had a taste of what things should be like, will not stay downtrodden for long. The French Revolution really went into high gear when the merchant class had had enough, is that really the reason why we have been seeing the militarization of our local police forces? Is this is a preemptive measure because the wealthy are feeling insecure about the insanity of their greed and the economic and social cost it has taken on the rest of us? There have been a few editorials written by scared billionaires, angrily denouncing the rest of us ordinary people, for being envious and petty of their supposed industriousness and superiority. Their strident and insecure rants seem to indicate that deep down they know that the only reason why they are insanely wealthy is through fundamentally biased tax policies geared to benefit them and only them and exploitative labor policies. They know it and they are scared that we know it. So to me seeing the law enforcement getting huge toy packages makes sense if it was to have the wealthy sleep better at night.
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