How Your Health Insurance Company Can Still Screw You, Despite Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act as a brand new law can’t be expected to have anticipated every problem, but so far, as long as it isn’t hampered by republican local obstruction, it has been doing a pretty good job of doing what it was designed to do. Having said that, I still believe that we should have stuck to our guns and fought much harder for a single payer system; its internal costs would be much lower, Medicare already has a good track record, and we the people would be the sole investors and performance trackers of a Medicare For All insurance plan. Health Insurance companies already in place would have taken up the slack of insuring all of us for the remaining twenty percent of health costs that Medicare For All wouldn’t cover so it wouldn’t be as if we all threw the Health Insurance companies out of business. It might be that the days of earning record profits would be over and is that necessarily such a bad thing? I can’t imagine that any health insurance employee can feel that good about what they do when they are denying coverage or payment to people who see their insurance as necessary to not going bankrupt or saving someone’s health from deteriorating, it cannot be a good feeling at the end of a work day.
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