Republicans Have Some Truly Horrifying Theories About The Children Crossing The Border

Louie Goemert actually said something that is partially true; there is something destroying our way of life, that part is true, but it isn’t the invasion of scared refugees who are children, it is the entire republican economic and social agenda that has been slowly destroying our way of life since 1980. We are experiencing a humanitarian crisis and instead of sending border patrols and the National Guard, we should be sending the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations to try to find a solution that makes sense in a compassionate and sensible manner. We should not forget that our C.I.A has been very busy in Central America for decades and we own some of the responsibility for this crisis. I am so embarrassed that these representatives are being taped and that their words are being transmitted for all to see and hear; have they no shame? Our country is still a beacon for some and who are we to say that we got ours and there is no more room at the table for you and yours. I understand that there is a process, but when you are children desperate for anything that is not the horror that you are running from, the process is the last thing on your mind. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by the outrageous things that are being said; it does go part and parcel with our history of immigration. There was a time when the Irish faced intense discrimination as well as the Chinese, the Japanese, the Italians and most probably every ethnic grouping now sitting comfortably in their home as we speak. If we advertise how great our nation is, we should not be so mean about people lining up to get in. If it poses such a problem perhaps we should turn the sign on the Statue of Liberty over and paper over it “Closed for Business”. I may be a little ridiculous, but sometimes ridicule is the only way to make a point.
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