Undercover Probe Finds Serious Problems With Obamacare

In a less contentious world, this would be part and parcel of the process that goes with proofing and strengthening any important piece of legislation. Why does this report strike fear in democrats? Well because this information will only be used to attack the law on another front instead of taking this information and using it in a positive and constructive manner. Moreover, the timing of this report right on the heels of the Federal Court of Appeals 2-1 ruling defunding the federally implemented health care exchanges, makes the left up and down the spectrum very anxious. What makes me both sad and angry is that it seems that the Republican Party applauds any setback it can get a hold of regardless of the human cost. In a better world, we would be all working together to insure that everyone in our country would get health insurance coverage as a right; not a privilege. Health is pretty much a lottery, just like your birth. You may be born to wealth but you can be born with health issues as well. There is something that isn’t right the way we look at wealth and how we are treating health care and health insurance in our nation. Our long political history goes to show that we have acknowledged the existence of our problems with both issues and still cannot find outcomes compatible with everyone. BUt this doesn’t mean that we give up; we deserve better and I hope that eventually we will get better.
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