Congress Stalls Out Trying To Solve Self-Declared Crises

I am sorry, but there is no excuse in the world that can mitigate the shamefulness of this stalemate. Do not even start with fiscal responsibility and the conservative talking points. This is a matter of morality and decency. I think that we can all agree that there isn’t a war that the Republican Party doesn’t like, if you listen to various members on t.v, and if they can spend our taxpayer dollars on wars, then they have to spend our tax payer dollars on our returning veterans. I think that these congress people should put the question of funding the V.A directly to the people. I am sure that the conservatives would be surprised and maybe even a little disappointed that the people would overwhelmingly support doing the right thing by our veterans. We have the means to do what is right by our nation, by our people and by our veterans. It is solely a matter of priorities. Do we continue with this blind allegiance to Reagan’s ideology or do we snap out of it and go back to the ways that worked for several decades in growing the most prosperous middle class in the world. When corporate America was an active part of our society, when they contributed to the economic fabric of our great nation, when they actually paid their share of the economic burden instead of siphoning off the spoils of capitalism while burdening us with their losses or their employee costs, our economy was vibrant and strong. We have the moral responsibility to hold our congress people accountable for both their actions and inactions on legislation both big and small; we still have our voices and our votes, we have to make them count. We cannot placidly accept that corporations and the wealthy count more than we do, we have to fight back. We need to stop making our nation all about the wealthy and start making it about how we treat our poor, our children and our veterans. We will be a better country for it.
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