Don’t Worry, Republicans Are Still Working On A Plan To Replace Obamacare

If the Republican Party truly had a desire to put their own ideological stamp on health care policy at the federal level, we would have seen something by now. The impression that I get is that as an ideological issue, the Republican Party has no interest whatsoever in adopting any type of national health care insurance policy, it goes against everything that they believe in. They were very happy with the status quo and if we go back there, well then, their job has been done. The tea party fringe actually believe in their bootstrap philosophy where they accomplish things on their own with little to no help from government and thereby giving little to nothing back to that same government. Moreover since the ACA was modeled fairly closely to the Massachusetts health care coverage law, President Obama took the more moderate Republican Party’s thunder and ran with it. So where does that leave us? Ideally we would have come together to write the best law and work very hard to implement it. This is not an ideal world so we are left spending time and effort defending it and/or fighting for every single victory towards establishing new parameters in making it into a better law. It has been exhausting and yet I would love to get into a time machine and travel fifty years to see how this all turns out for us.
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