Feds Failing To Act On Antibiotic Resistance Despite Grave Threat, Health Advocates Warn

Why is it so difficult to get the idea of serious food safety in mainstream consciousness? These two republican judges aren’t the only ones to judge for corporate interests and that in and of itself is so frustrating. The link between “superbugs” and excessive, irresponsible use of antibiotics has been established in a lot of medical research. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to take the data already established over human overuse of antibiotics and apply those principles to the excess usage of antibiotics for our livestock. If we didn’t eat our livestock, it would not be as big of a problem, but we do eat them, we are ingesting antibiotics in our meat. We have also seen that self-regulation does not work; it is not part of the cost/benefit equation in the corporate mindset. Profits come before eveything else, we have seen it with the tobacco companies, we see it with the oil companies, so why wouldn’t we see it with Big Agriculture? The right wing judges are allowing their ideology to taint their judicial interpretation of the law and regulations, that is the definition of an activist judge. I am not against judicial activism when it benefits the people, their freedom of expression, their personal freedoms, their political freedoms and their freedom from oppression, however when I see judicial activism on behalf of the Big Corporation, it makes me angry because the odds are already stacked against the little people and if we can’t rely on the judicial system for fair rulings where the size of the adversary doesn’t matter, I don’t know where else we can turn, our congress is most definitely not impartial. In my mind this is very sad news for us as food consumers.
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