Republican Voters Want To Impeach The President. Good Luck With That.

Well I must say this for the Republican Party, all of these attacks and threats against our President have resulted in a lot of fact checking and civic history lessons, which is a good thing for the American people to be educated on some and reminded of in others. Again, I have to state that certain Republican Party members need to learn what the difference is between a scandal and a crime. Moreover, they might need to consult with a dictionary to learn what a real scandal is, not a fabricated scandal, but a real one complete with facts and evidence. Meanwhile we, the people, are still waiting for some solid, productive legislation to be passed and apparently the congress is going on an extended vacation, from mid August to sometime until the end of September. The window of opportunity in getting anything substantial passed is rapidly closing and we are being regaled with fantasies of a lawsuit and possible impeachment. This is what the Republican Party is trying to sell to the American people, not jobs, not relief from the pressured of a trillion dollar student loan debt, not fixing the typo in the ACA law, specifying that all exchanges are eligible for tax credits, no anything worthwhile is off the table, while the republican party controls the house and has the filibuster generating amount of republicans in the senate. Come November I hope that we will see more democrats elected to both chambers, but I would be especially happy if those democrats were progressives in the spirit of Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown, that would be amazing! Until then, we will have little action on the legislative front because we don’t have much time left on the congressional calendar to do anything that might even come to resemble anything helpful to the American people.
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