Gaza Power Plant Attacked By Israeli Tank Fire, Knocking Out Electricity To Gaza City

Yesterday I had a chilling thought, is Israel trying to wipe out the Palestinians for good? If they aren’t, they are doing a frightening imitation of what a stronger power does to its enemy when it has that enemy cornered from all sides with no way out. I don’t have any answers, many of our problems in the Middle East stem from this Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has been ongoing since even before 1947. Israeli leadership, Hamas, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United States are all to blame for the atrocities going right now. I feel for the Palestinians, even without the missiles and the ground incursion, the abject poverty that exists in Gaza due to Israeli policy and the hundreds if not thousands of illegal settlements, makes for any solution to seem impossible. This is shameful, this is wrong and it has been allowed to continue for far too long. I am so very pessimistic and it isn’t in my nature, but both Hamas and Israel have gone too far off the diplomatic path, how does one get back to negotiations after all this? The only way that I can foresee, is if Israel votes Netanyahu’s party out of power and the Palestinians disavow themselves of Hamas; then perhaps a new, younger Israeli leadership reaching out to a similarly younger Palestinian leadership can come together to explore options over co-existence. I think that it has to be the youth who forge a new path, absent of old wounds and prejudices, if we are ever to see some peace come out of that region.
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