Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 5 Male Justices Have A ‘Blind Spot’ On Women’s Issues

Ruth Ginsburg made the right decision in staying, not only would her departure leave women and minorities even more vulnerable, but our congress would not approve anyone comparable to her anytime soon. Ruth Ginsburg may be in the minority, but she is never silent and we need to continue to hear her words of wisdom. A case in point is what she said about daughters being able to open their father’s eyes and the example that she gave regarding former Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist; he evolved his positions because he became a father to a daughter and that was key when it came to ruling on behalf of the Family Medical Leave Act. She gave us hope with her words and experience and we desperately need that in this version of he Supreme Court. Why aren’t we talking about the retirements of Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia? I would happily research an assisted living facility for both of them; they can discuss the merits of an Ayn Rand world over a game of checkers, just the two of them in a solarium, safe and sound, away from the world where they have done more than enough harm with their horrible decisions. I know that they didn’t act alone, but if they were retired, that would open the court to other less radical viewpoints, perhaps even more modern viewpoints.
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  1. As the father of a son I have long seen the fathers of daughters as my natural enemy. I love my son just as deeply as any man loves his daughter and will not stand by helplessly and watch some other man’s daughter do to my son what was done to my father.

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