House Votes To Strip Deportation Relief From Dreamers

The mean spiritedness of the republican lawmakers is embarrassing. The children flowing into our nation should be classified as refugees, pure and simple and the other children, the Dreamers, being targeted, should not even be lumped into any deportation scenario whatsoever, they by virtue of growing up in this country are for all intents and purposes, Americans. I am a child of immigrants and it really makes me so angry when “Americans” want to lock the doorways to other immigrants just because they are for that moment undesirable. We were founded as a nation of immigrants and in a strange sense, if we do not correctly honor the immigrant dream and raison d’etre, we are essentially making a mockery of all the atrocities that we subjected the original settlers, the Native Americans, in order to establish an immigrant nation infused with Age of Enlightenment ideals. I realize that my statement will be viewed as perhaps over the top or even incendiary, but I stand by it. After the wrongs that we inflicted on the Native Americans, we should at least try to honor them by treating the idea of America as respectfully and honorably as possible. The angry white man and woman is an unfortunate reality; I wish that they were only stereotypes, but we haven’t gotten there quite yet and that is why every one of them needs to be retired out of congress.
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  1. Here’s the problem with our immigration policy: Many years ago it was decided to give amnesty to illegal immigrants and at that time the promise was made that it would be a one time deal. Of course it was a false promise and is one of the reasons I oppose Amnesty and the Dream Act today. I simply don’t like to be lied too.

    1. Hopefully we’ll get to something of a solution one of these years. 🙂

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