Steve King Has Heated Confrontation With Dreamers

This video is illuminating on so many levels: first; how quickly Rand Paul hightails it out of there, second; how Steve King does not listen to the two activists; he may hear them, but he is not listening. He is so obsessed with his constitution that he fails to see that he is standing in the way of progress and real reform. These two young people, so very brave by the way and much more mature than Mister Steve King, are asking for his reasons as to why they should be denied to be the Americans that they already feel that they are, having been in this country since they were very young. It is shameful on Steve King’s part to shut down someone’s attempts to make valid points, but repeating the same thing over and over again; “being disrespectful of laws, either themselves or their parents”. That isn’t the point, the point that these two activists were making is that the laws need to be written or even rewritten to acknowledge the DREAMERS and also to incorporate new realities on the ground. Third; the other illuminating thing that happened during the video, is the person making the video with her phone was being harassed by Mister King’s aide and I applaud the young lady for sticking to her rights as a constituent of Mister Steve King’s and her freedom to tape what he was saying in response to these questions. This should be broadcast everywhere to show how easily Mister King’s reasons fall apart when questioned and how he hasn’t any foundation for his aggressive anti-immigration policies. I still can’t believe how quickly Rand Paul fled for the hills.

read the article:


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