Rand Paul Explains Why He Bolted From A Dreamer

Anyone who has seen the video and paid attention from the start, will see Rand Paul shake hands, take a bite of his burger and then when it gets uncomfortable, grab his beer and head for the hills. I wrote about the confrontation between Steve King and the brave activists the other day and I mentioned Rand Paul twice, both times laughing at his cowardly but lightening fast, retreat. We all know what Steve King thinks about immigrants, our borders, our President and the constitution. What we now know of Rand Paul is that he does not want to be forced into a corner where he has to say something of substance and be filmed on tape. Speculation is running overtime as to the chances that he will follow his father’s footsteps and throw his hat into 2016 primaries; if those speculative rumors are true then he better decide what his message is on several issues because so far he has spoken as vaguely as anyone can on his favorite Sunday morning political shows, but he can get away with doing that, because unfortunately for us, our Sunday political talkfests do not offer anything even remotely politically analytical and forget about being critical; essentially every Sunday morning host and pundit listens, poses questions and then listens, while the guest gets carte blanche to spout whatever they wish without fear of fact checking or logical follow through. I disagree with Steve King on every single issue under the sun, but you have to hand it to him, he will tell you straight up what is on his mind, why he thinks it and what he will do with his thoughts when it comes to legislation. You know exactly what you get with Steve King, never fear. Rand Paul on the other hand, he is afraid of being pegged into a category, understandable though it may be, but at some point during a simultaneous humanitarian crisis and immigration reform debate, you should take a stand on the issues at hand, especially if you are seriously contemplating running for office. It is time to show political courage and stand by your convictions and libertarian philosophy, show the American people why libertarianism makes sense as a philosophy. I don’t agree with libertarian thought, I am a Progressive, but if you are a libertarian, then I think that you should own it proudly.
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  1. “He better decide what his message is on several issues because so far he has spoken as vaguely as anyone can…”

    If history is any indication the more vague a candidate can be the greater likelihood they’ll be elected.

    1. Perish the thought!

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