Obama Authorizes Targeted Airstrikes, Humanitarian Aid In Iraq

I support sending humanitarian aid to those who are under catastrophic threat from ISIS; President Obama is doing the right thing by providing much needed relief and also by providing additional security to our troops and our fellow Americans working at the embassy in the region from ISIS’s assaults. However if congress is disatisfied with the nature of President Obama’s relief and security plan or even with his past decisions regarding Syria, congress needs to remember before they fall all over themselves in criticizing our President that it is completely up to congress to declare war and to pay for anything, so if they felt that Syria needed a much stronger response than diplomacy, they should have voted on it accordingly. All we hear from the Republican Party are criticisms and armchair refereeing, yet they do have duties and powers at their disposal to affect change. It takes courage to make decisions and I do not see the Republican Party making too many courageous decisions as of late. I will always support the U.S sending humanitarian aid, however I hope that this doesn’t devolve into something that we cannot extricate ourselves from without causing even more harm in the future.
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